• Sports Physiotherapy

    Sports Physiotherapy

    We strive to stay up to date with the latest research and techniques to help get you back on the field ASAP, working with multiple local sporting teams.

  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology combines expert clinical exercise prescription with lifestyle modification exercise to empower you to reach your exercise goals.

  • Exercise Classes

    Exercise Classes

    Individualised exercise programs in a small group environment when rehabbing from an injury or for specific conditions.

  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Dry needling uses a solid, filament needle similar to that used in the practice of acupuncture.

  • Pilates


    A specifically designed self-paced program to aid in the strengthening of core muscles or as a rehabilitation tool after an injury.

  • Men's Health

    Men's Health

    Recent studies have suggested that only one third of men with such problems seek help, here at Peak Performance, we have a discrete, professional male therapist qualified to help you get back on track.

  • Hydrotherapy


    Hydrotherapy is exercise in the water and provides an option for people to exercise in a comfortable, social environment with minimal pressure on their bodies. All ages can benefit, and the good news is you don’t have to know how to swim!

  • Bike Fit

    Bike Fit

    A cycling assessment involves a biomechanical assessment both of your injury on the treatment bed and your body on the bike.

  • Performance Arts  

    Performance Arts  

    Gymnasts, pole athletes and other circus arts performers need to juggle flexibility, strength and load tolerance to create incredible shapes under high load.

  • Dance and Pre-Pointe assessments

    Dance and Pre-Pointe assessments

    The team at Peak Performance have a great understanding of the needs of dancers and will work with you to enhance your dance performance or ensure a safe transition to pointe with ballet.

  • Swimming


    If you are currently navigating a swimming injury and want to ensure you’re working with someone who understands the demands of your sport, we are the team for you.

  • Yoga


    Traditional practices like yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi work not only on the physical body but the mental and emotional aspects as well. Yoga, Meditation and breathing practices can be an excellent adjunct on your recovery journey.

  • Rugby League and Touch Football

    Rugby League and Touch Football

    We have ties to QRL via Bushra at our sister clinic at Downs Physiotherapy and have provided game day services locally as well.

  • Rugby Union

    Rugby Union

    We have a very long association with rugby union amongst the physiotherapists in our clinic. So if you have an injury that is limiting your rugby performance we are the ones to see.

  • General Musculoskeletal Complaints and Injuries

    General Musculoskeletal Complaints and Injuries

    Musculoskeletal physiotherapy focuses on muscle and joint conditions, helping to reduce and relieve pain in these areas.

  • Basketball


    Basketball is a physically demanding sport that involves running, jumping, and quick change of direction that can lead a range of injuries.