Hydrotherapy is exercise in the water and provides an option for people to exercise in a comfortable, social environment with minimal pressure on their bodies. All ages can benefit, and the good news is you don’t have to know how to swim! Whether you have a chronic back problem, have had joint replacement surgery, recent back surgery/injury or you suffer from lower limb pain/injury or arthritis, hydrotherapy can provide an enjoyable alternative to or complement land-based exercise.

Peak Performance offers a hydrotherapy program with half hour weekly classes. Groups meet at Toowoomba’s Milne Bay Aquatic Centre, Herries Street on Thursday afternoons, between 1pm and 3pm. Classes are small enough to generate some ‘healthy’ competition and offer an excellent physiotherapist to patient ratio.

Patients who generally benefit from Hydrotherapy sessions include:

  • hip replacement
  • knee replacement
  • back surgery
  • back pain/injury
  • shoulder pain and surgery
  • rehabilitation patients

Comfort is important with any form of exercise and hydrotherapy is no exception. With a year-round water temperature of 34 degrees, patients can relax in the pool and reap the benefits. ​Although hydrotherapy patients are usually referred by doctors and other medical specialists, it is possible for you to make a direct appointment to discuss your needs.