Lower limb has a number of joints including hip, knee, ankle and foot. Unfortunately, many people will experience a lower limb injury and often they can be quite debilitating and affect your mobility, and ability to work and perform at your best.

Lower limb injuries can typically be acute and have a mechanism of injury, such as rolling your ankle, or twisting your knee, but can also present as either overuse injuries or even degenerative conditions, such as arthritis.

Examples of conditions our physiotherapists can help you with:

  • Hip conditions – osteoarthritis, rehabilitation following replacement surgery, gluteal tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis & muscle strains.
  • Knee conditions – osteoarthritis, rehabilitation following replacement surgery or reconstructive surgery, tendinopathy, ligamentous strain, and acute muscle strains or tears.
  • Ankle conditions – osteoarthritis, ankles sprains, fractures, Achilles pain and overuse tendinopathies.
  • Foot conditions – Plantar fasciitis, sprains, heel pain, forefoot pain & toe pain.

Our team are keen to help diagnose and assist with getting you back on your feet and back to your best.