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Peak Performance Sports Physiotherapy
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Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre
55-57 Kitchener Street​
Toowoomba Qld 4350

Hydrotherapy is a form of rehabilitation that consists of performing exercises, specific to the patient’s condition, within a heated pool. The heated water aids in both muscle relaxation and decreasing loads placed through the joints. As such it is helpful to a wide range of conditions including joint replacements, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries and decreased mobility. 

Our hydrotherapy program consists of three classes with each having a different focus. We currently conduct a shoulder and elbow class, hip, knee and ankle class and a back class, which is also open to neurological and mobility clients. ​The program is currently run at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre between 1.00pm and 3.00pm every Thursday. This allows our physiotherapist to use a specifically designed pool with stairs, rails and hoist to allow disabled and frail patients safe entry into the pool.The pool is a depth of 1.2m and is equipped with railings to assist with stability and additional exercise. This depth allows body weight placed through the joints to be decreased. 

Whether you have a chronic back problem, have had joint replacement surgery, recent back surgery or you suffer from an ongoing respiratory condition, hydrotherapy can provide an enjoyable alternative to or complement land-based exercise.


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Peak Performance Sports Physiotherapy
Peak Performance Sports Physiotherapy